Interstate 55

Stay with us on the I55 from Chicago all the way to New Orleans, sit back, enjoy the ride and taste everything worth eating in America along the way! 

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The tastes of america are just waiting for you


with a 18 dkg usda beef patty


USDA Black Angus and South American Beef offers

Deep dish pizzas

5 cm high pizza, for the real cheese lovers


Meats made in Ole Hickory Smoker

Interstate 55

Interstate 55 (I-55) is a major Interstate Highway in the central United States. As with most interstates that end in a five, it is a major cross-country, north–south route, connecting the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes. The highway travels from LaPlace, Louisiana to Chicago, Illinois. The major cities that I-55 connects to are (from south to north) New Orleans, Jackson, Mississippi, Memphis, St. Louis, and Chicago. The total highway is more then 1550 km (964 miles).

All beef dishes in our restaurant are made from USDA beef

What does it mean?

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) is the federal agency that proposes programs and implements policies and regulations related to American farming, forestry, ranching, food quality, and nutrition. The USDA is responsible for the overseeing farming, ranching, and forestry industries, as well as regulating aspects of food quality & safety and nutrition labeling.