I55 ebédmenü

Every week we strive to make the lunch menu exciting with an unexpected turn:
it may be a new spice, a special ingredient or an unusual flavor.

Lunch deal from 24th to 28th June:

Soup (590 Ft)

  • Frankfurt soup
  • Plum soup with rum (Gf)

Main (1.590 Ft)

  • Panko-breaded pork chops with mayo potato salad
  • Veggie strudel with leek-cream sauce
  • ‘Gödöllő’ chicken thighs stuffed with peas, chicken liver and mushroom, with butter-parsley potato
  • Mexican pork chili-bean with bread (Lf)

Desszert (490 Ft)

  • Coconut tapioca pudding with strawberry, poured with white chocolate-maracuja cream (Gf, Lf)

Two courses (soup + main course or main course + dessert) and a small soda drink cost 1,750 HUF, but individual dishes can be ordered separately.

We don’t waste your time! The dishes you choose are served at the same time, so you can fit into the lunchtime even with a snack.

The deep dish pizza lunch menu (one-person deep dish pizza + French fries or salad = 1,490 HUF) can of course still be requested, and you can also choose a soup from the menu for +250 HUF! The offer is valid from 11:30 to 14:00 every workday. In our restaurant it is possible to pay with OTP, K&H and MKB SZÉP cards.

Lm – Lactose Free, Gm – Gluten Free, V – Vegetarian
More information about allergens can be provided on site by our colleagues!

Because you deserve a lunch break!